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The practice is still open and working.  We have no known cases of Coronavirus in the practice and we are taking such precautions as we, practically, can. Staff will self-isolate if they have, or anyone in their household has, a cough and/or a temperature.  We have COVID security measures in place and our receptionists will run through a screening process with you before booking you an appointment.  It may be necessary for one of the Osteopaths to discuss things with you before you attend.

PLEASE NOTE:  All patients are required to wear a face mask (which we supply – so we can be sure it is up the the necessary specification).  This is the cornerstone of our infection control programme.  If you have any reason why you cannot wear a mask, please contact us so that we can carry out a full risk assessment and establish whether we are able to take sufficient additional measures to keep the practice safe.

We will keep this information updated as rapidly as we can, but given the very rapid changes in policy, we cannot guarantee to keep this information absolutely up to date, so please contact the practice directly for further information.

Thank you for your patience, and keep healthy!

Located at the Cullercoats end of Whitley Road, Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre has been helping people from the local area recover from pain and injury for over 25 years. We offer osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, pilates and psychotherapy to help people of all ages and abilities with a wide range of symptoms improve their health and wellbeing.

We commonly see people suffering with back pain, neck pain, and other mechanical (or musculoskeletal) pain, but as our aim is to help your body heal itself, we treat the person and not the complaint; working on freeing tensions and restrictions in the physical body can lead to improvements in symptoms of a wide range of health complaints.

Back Massage

For example, patients with osteoarthritic pain often find that osteopathy can help alleviate their pain and manage it better; we are not treating the arthritis, but helping our patients cope with the secondary effects that are a result of their condition. As Andrew Taylor-Still, the founder of osteopathy said, “the job of the physician should be to look for health, anyone can find disease”; our aim is always to improve your health, rather than just managing your symptoms.

We take time to listen to your story, to form an accurate diagnosis, and tailor an individualised treatment to your needs. You don’t need a referral from your GP, so why not give us a call today to book your appointment?

Osteopath Newcastle & Whitley Bay, Osteoarthritis, Joint, Knee & Hip Pain from Osteoarthritis, General, Acute & Chronic Backache, Back Pain, Headache, Migraine Prevention, Frozen Shoulder/Shoulder & Elbow Pain/Tennis Elbow Arising from Associated Musculoskeletal Conditions of the Back & Neck, Minor Sports Injuries & Tensions

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