Founder’s Day – What Osteopathy is all about.

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It was at 10 a.m. on Monday 22nd June 1874 that Dr Andrew Taylor Still was struck by the realisation that underpins Osteopathy: that under normal circumstances our bodies heal themselves. If we are cut a scab forms and the wound heals. If we catch a virus we feel lousy for a few days while our immune system swings into action, but in due course we are well again.  Disease is what happens when that normal process is unable to happen. That means we don’t need to cure the disease – we need to help the body get back to a state where it is able to fix itself, so Osteopathy is about removing the barriers that prevent our bodies fixing themselves.

‘Drew’ Still was having a theological discussion with one of his brothers, Jim, who had been, like their father, a Methodist minister, and then become, like Drew, a doctor. Ten years earlier three of Drew’s children had died of spinal meningitis and his inability, along with his father, Jim and another doctor, to help had thrown Drew into profound questioning about both medicine and theology. Thus he started to search for a different approach to healthcare and on 22nd June 1874 made the breakthrough that was the birth of Osteopathy.

This realisation was so significant to Still that he actually noted the time and date. 22nd June became ‘Founder’s Day’ to the students at the American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri (the school Still started and which continues to this day). There are other fundamental osteopathic principles that Still taught, but this is the one that Still himself identified as the moment that Osteopathy was born.


So, anticipating 22nd June: Happy Founder’s Day!

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