Almost Half of the UK Live with Chronic Pain

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According to research carried out in 2016 by the BMJ Open, there are around 28m people coping with chronic pain within the UK. The figures demonstrate that this is almost triple the amount presumed by medical experts. Thousands of medical studies were looked at in an effort to collect the data which indicated that somewhere between one third and one half of adults in Britain, experience pain lasting for longer than three months. The estimate was based on gathered information from studies involving 140,000 people, and is intended to assist with the planning of NHS care.

The research found that:-

  • Of the estimated 65 million people living in the UK, 43% experience chronic pain of one sort or another.
  • 14% of adults in the UK have chronic widespread pain.
  • Chronic nerve [neuropathic] pain affects 8% of the population.
  • Fibromyalgia which causes pain throughout the body accounts for 5.5% of those suffering.
  • Chronic pain more often affects women than men regardless of age or cause.

Although pain is frequently a symptom of another underlying medical condition, some experts say that pain should be treated more seriously and considered a disease in itself.

Olivia Belle of Arthritis UK [which part funded the work] states that the lives of those living with ongoing pain is often significantly impacted. It compromises their mobility and independence along with their ability to work. Not surprisingly chronic pain is also directly linked to depression and lives can be devastated.

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