Back pain – What is really causing it?

There are a lot of people who experience back pain on a regular basis.  For some it is a recurrent problem; for others it is there ALL the time.  

Looking back at those two sentences, the thing that strikes me as odd is that we refer to Back Pain as ‘it’, as though it is a single thing.  There are zillions of different potential causes… Why do we automatically think of it as one?

We can categorise the different possible causes in various ways: 

  • Type of tissue that is involved (muscle, ligament; bone, disc etc) 
  • Disease process involved (inflammatory, infectious, neurological etc) 
  • How it started (traumatic, insidious, over-exertion etc), the possibilities are endless…

What this makes clear is that Back Pains can be very different and that if we want to do something about them we HAVE to look  for the cause of YOUR particular Back Pain and once we know the cause, we can start looking at the why.  



There is no single set of exercises that will ‘cure back pain’ 

Different exercises will help in different situations and to differing degrees.  Similarly, taking pain-killers to mask the symptoms may help some patients to move more (and more naturally) and that may be sufficient to allow the body to fix itself, but for many people that will not be enough.

Osteopaths are trained (a minimum of 4 years, full time) to examine and assess you thoroughly in order to establish, not only what the actual cause of the symptoms is, but also that is safe and appropriate to treat you.  In a small proportion of cases Back Pain can be an indicator of serious underlying disease and Osteopaths have the training to be aware of them and will refer onwards when that is appropriate.   

So, if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life battling recurrent or chronic Back Pain and you want to be safe, see your Osteopath.  You can contact us to find out more here.