Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle and relaxing style of osteopathy that takes advantage of your body’s innate mechanisms of self-management and repair. Cranial osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch to feel subtle changes in tension and tissue quality and use gentle balancing techniques to allow your body to unwind these patterns and allow it to function better.

Unlike its name suggests, cranial osteopathy can be used on the whole body, not just the head, and is a useful alternative for patients don’t like the high velocity thrust techniques which are associated with joint cracking and popping, or when these techniques are not appropriate. It can be used to treat exactly the same issues that ‘structural’ osteopathy covers, but has the advantage that as it isn’t imposing movement on the body, the innate ability of the body to heal itself can direct the osteopath to the areas which need support, to restore balance.

Cranial Osteopathy is suitable for adults and children, and is particularly relevant when treating babies, to allow their growing skeletal system some support following the birth process.  It may help to soothe and calm unsettled babies who are getting used to the various new functions of their bodies.

Again, as our team of osteopaths are looking at your overall health and function, cranial osteopathy can be useful in relieving the symptoms from a wide range of health conditions.

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Uncomplicated Mechanical Neck Pain, Cervicogenic Headache, Generalised Aches & Pains, Cervicogenic Headache, Conditions of the Back & Neck, Circulatory Problems, Cramp, Digestion Problems

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