Taking Your Bad Back on Holiday

Many people worry about how they are going to manage away from home when their back is very painful. Travelling, staying in a different bed, lying on a sunbed, lugging cases can all stop you from enjoying your holiday. With the right advice, there are many things that can ease the problems. These may include neck pain, lower back ache, shoulder pain and sciatica.

Starting with packing, don’t pack your huge suitcase upstairs and then cause a strain carrying it to the front door. Pack the suitcase somewhere downstairs and then you only have to take it out on the level.

Once you get to your accommodation, check the pillows and try to choose one most similar to the one you use at home. If you are in a hotel you may be able to ask for others to be brought but, if you are in apartment and the pillows are awful then you can roll up a spare hand towel to make a sausage shape and ease this into the pillowcase along the lower edge of the pillow. This will help to support your neck and the height and firmness of the towel roll is adaptable. In extreme cases take your own pillow.

At the practice we stock Harley Pillows which support the neck in the correct position and there are some patients who wont travel without it!

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