The Headaches & Migraine Specialists Network

Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre welcomes The Headache & Migraine Specialists network to the partner pages of our website with a new article on the underlying causes of migraine.

As the name suggests, the Headache & Migraine Specialists are a network of physiotherapists, medical practitioners and neurologists with an expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of head pain. Drawing on the latest research and best practice the group are looking to improve the lives of headache and migraine sufferers across the UK.

There are many theories as to the causes of headache and migraine. Sensitivity to certain food groups have been suggested while patterns in migraine sufferers suggest a hormonal and possibly a genetic component. Stress can certainly be a trigger yet interestingly it seems that most people manage to fight off headaches during the stressful period and only succumb once it has passed. There also seems to be a ‘threshold’ to the onset of headaches and migraines. One factor on its own may not be enough to trigger a migraine but a combination of causes may result in debilitating pain.

One factor often overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and migraines is the presence of neck and shoulder pain. The Headache & Migraine Specialist network recognise that cervicogenic pain – pain from the shoulders and neck and transmitted to the brain via the cervical nerves – are often misinterpreted by the brain as emanating from the face or head.

Members of the Headache & Migraine Specialist group have been trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cervicogenic pain. Physiotherapy and skeleto-muscular manipulation has seen a reduction in pain symptoms by 80% of migraine and headache patients.

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