Unsettled babies and how Osteopathy can help

Watch this space – I have seen many babies and children in my 25 years in practice, but even now there can be cases which surprise me  – I shall be telling some of their stories in future blogs and reporting on how they got on.

Cases vary from Mums who just want their baby to be checked for overall balance to those with an identifiable problem such as colic, reflux, painful wind, poor sleeplng, plagiocaphaly, easy startling, snuffly breathing, poor latching/ feeding, and very many in between whose babies are simply ‘unsettled.’

It is not the presenting problem that is treated using Cranial Osteopathy, but the baby him/herself – the complex and traumatic experience that is the birth process often leaves a state of fight/flight reaction or retained moulding in the head from the mother’s pelvis which can cause trouble coping with the aforementioned conditions as the body can over or under react to various stimuli when any space around the nervous system is compromised. Balancing the baby’s fight/flight system and making sure there are no blocks to free fluid movement around the head and spinal cord can enable the baby to regulate any physical problems without a major reaction to them. This establishment of a healthy system helps them make the transition through babyhood through childhood and onwards much more easily.

Usually two to three treatments see a considerable change and everyone is happy!

I often get to meet my baby patients again when they go through growth spurts, as this is often when the areas with a history of tension are unable to keep up with the rest and the same symptoms can reappear for what seems to be no apparent reason. Later on, the next big change is when they are losing their baby teeth, as this is a major change for the cranium and jaw to adapt to, and can reawaken old issues.

Jane Dent 06/13

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